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My name’s August. So why Walter’s Writing Emporium then? Well, Walter was my grandad’s surname. We called him Grampy Wally. When I think of him I think of limericks, graveyards with a thousand biographies buried, a museum display of fleas dressed as humans, red wine dripping onto and soaking through a paper bag, and his travelling doll.


Because of him I was able to study Creative Writing and pursue my dreams of writing, so it seems fitting to name this after him. After all, not everyone has a Grampy Wally to help them.


Gone with the Wind, Margaret Atwood, Marlon James, Jeff Noon, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Hubert Selby Junior, Jude Deveraux, Brett Easton Ellis, Irvine Welsh, John Steinbeck, George RR Martin, Martin Millar, Douglas Coupland, Donna Tartt, Will Self, Toni Morrison, Phillipa Gregory, Emma Donoghue, David Martin, Sarah Walters, Tennessee Williams, The Story Of Forgetting, Wuthering Heights, Paul Auster, Identity, Darkmans, DH Lawrence, History Of Love, Betty Blue, Testament Of Gideon Mack, Karen Maitland, Peter Carey, North and South, Albert Camus, Neil Gaiman, Petersburg, Thomas Hardy, Suzanne Collins, Victor Hugo, Anne Rice, Cesar Aira, Jilly Cooper, The Girl Who Was Saturday Night, Facial Justice, The Middle Parts Of Fortune, We The Living, Katherine Mansfield, A Girl Is A Half Formed Thing, Jackie Collins... and new additions arriving quicker than I can buy bookcases as I need to know that should the apocalypse happen I'll have enough to read.

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My bookcase

About me

All I want in life is a lot of reading and writing accompanied by great music and a nice bit of cheddar cheese. 


I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was 11 years old and I started writing my first novel (I still have it somewhere). When I wasn’t at school, I was either reading or writing. Books were a magical discovery, though I’m still a bit peeved that there isn’t another world at the back of my wardrobe. Maybe I keep buying the wrong kind of wardrobes. Now I'm drawn to dark tales about broken civilisations, loners and the misfits, unless I'm feeling sad and it's raining, then I like a good romance.


My first short story and poems were published when I was 15. My proudest accomplishment is being longlisted for the Mslexia Novel Writing competition and I’m currently sending that manuscript out to agents.


Guitar music is my weakness and it’s taken me across the world to see my favourite musicians perform. In another life, I’m a rock star caught up in the excesses and singing out my pain which fans find comforting and beautiful. In this life, I’m on Tune A Day For Guitars book 2 and too old to join the 27 club.


If you’d like to know more about me, you can access my blog here            

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