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                                         Wow!!!! You did so much work.

                      Thank you sooooo . . . much. I really enjoyed working

            with you. You were prompt with your responses to my emails. You

      provided me with a timeline and finished ahead of schedule. I admire a

beta-reader, who is reliable and responsible. You sent a very detailed evaluation

which will help me to make the needed corrections, changes and plot expansions. You also gave valuable advice, evaluating everything from background, scenery, backdrop, and characters. I would most definitely recommend you to a friend. One other thing that I've also found, is that your comments were far reaching and insightful.

I have implemented most of your suggestions.Thank you so much,  


                                                        Kristin Yodock

          Wow, great job August and 

 I would certainly recommend you to

others. I think you are spot on in your

critique and I'm already thinking of ways

to enhance and improve the main


                  Randy N

                        I must say you are one of the

               most helpful beta readers I have ever had. 

      Your comments were detailed and I could tell you

   had really made an effort instead of just going through

the motions, which some of my previous beta readers did.

I would definitely use you again and refer you. 


                                    Sheryonti C

                                    I got the chance to go

                            through your comments and

                    found them extremely helpful. You shared

               detailed impressions regarding characterization,

            writing, storyline etc and it was exactly what I had

       wished for. he chapter to chapter analysis was especially

   great as it helped me to know what a reader would think

at different points in the story. Show and tell is something I

struggle with and I appreciate your pointing out the areas that

were too telly. Anyway, thanks again for such a thorough

feedback. I really appreciate the time and the effort you put

towards helping me.


                                       Ramla Zareen

                               Author of The One For Me 


                        I'm so overwhelmed at your

              detailed response :) I've never gotten

        such an in-depth and comprehensive report

   on any of my work. It will take some time for me to digest your comments and suggestions, but I look forward to digging in and applying all your good advice to my story. Your feedback is worth a million dollars to me.

                   Joan Carney


That’s a very comprehensive result you have sent me. I was impressed with the detail you provided. The notes on the manuscript are an excellent idea, I found them very useful – they clarified and added another dimension to your feedback.

      ​                       Roy H

                I'm so happy I found her to beta

             read my dark romance. Not only is she

            extremely quick, but she provided in-line

          comments throughout the ms in addition

        to an 18 paged report that went over

      everything from overall characterization and 

   plot points (extensively) to chapter-by- chapter

    feedback -- and my ms has 56 chapters, so that's

    saying something ;)  he provides honesty,

   a sharp eye, attention to detail, constructive

     criticism, and her hard work is evident in every

    line of her report. I'll be happily referring friends

      and enlisting her services for future works

       as well. 

           T.L. Martin author of Dancing in the Dark


              She did a fantastic job.

              100% recommend!
         She is very quick and efficient.

      Don't mistake quick for being

    short on detail though, because she

    provides some of the best

     commentary you could hope for. 
    Anyone serious about improving

    their book should talk to her. 

                     Scott  G

                                    She agreed to beta read my       

                             fantasy novel multiple times and has

                     been phenomenal. She is a truly amazing

                   beta reader, and her comments, suggestions and

                advice have been utterly invaluable in the writing

             process. We worked so well together and thanks to her

            I have an entirely new ending that blew both of our minds!

            She has been so supportive and I hope all our hard work pays

           off! I will most definitely be returning to working with her on

            future projects. I know I’ve told her a lot that she has been

              invaluable but it’s so true! I would recommend her to

               everyone – she’s prompt, in-depth, attentive and

                  has such amazing insights. Thank you!

                                             Megan R


                           Thank you for going

               through it so diligently chapter

           by chapter. Your reading will actually

       help me as I will be reworking the chapters

that follow this as well as per many of your recommendations. I will definitely be recommending you to others as I felt your read helped me see things I had not seen and gave me a way to fix things that I already knew were not working as well as I would like them to.


                        She agreed to beta-read the first draft of my

                novel a few weeks ago and did a fantastic job. She

         provided a detailed and well thought out response,

    highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the book. She was encouraging and supportive but did not shy away from accurately identifying areas that didn't work and provided excellent suggestions for the re-write. Once I had finished the first draft I felt a little at a loss - I knew it wasn't finished and that it needed a lot of work but had no idea where to start. Thanks to her I now feel reinvigorated and have a very clear sense of what I need to do to polish up the first draft. Many, many thanks! 




               She was simply amazing.  I didn't know what I expected

        when I began working with her, but wow was I blown away.

     I received far more than I was expecting, and she punched holes

right through my book in all the right places. 

Forget beta reader, this lady should be a full-blown editor! I cannot imagine publishing a book from now on without reaching out to her first!

Hire her now. This lady needs all the love!

         Allegra Pescatore author of Where Shadows Lie


               She beta read my contemporary romance

   and did a phenomenal job. Not only was her report in-depth (with chapter analyses) She made in-line comments as she read the manuscript. She's one of the most thorough beta-readers I've  worked with and would recommend her 100%. 

      Danielle Lori author of The Sweetest Oblivion 


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