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The Glass Dagger - Client's book available for pre-order

Protect the crown. Protect Rairene. No matter the cost.

Ella loves chocolate croissants, abhors enchanted potions, and prefers her assassin’s sneak suit to ball gowns.

Codenamed Cinderella, Ella has dedicated her life to serving the crown as an elite assassin; a choice that came with a steep cost. When she left court and her closest friends to train under her stepmother, Ella intended on never returning. But after her protege Sophie is killed the same night as an assassination attempt on Prince David, returning becomes her only chance to solve Sophie’s death. On assignment to protect the prince, Ella finds herself battling over the desire to protect the prince or follow her heart into his arms. As Ella gets closer to Sophie’s killer, she is forced to follow the clues that make her question everything her stepmother has ever told her. Will Ella see the truth in time to keep David alive - or will her oath to the crown mean she must lose him and all she’s ever dreamed of?

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