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Review of 2022

Phew. It's been such a busy year. I've been juggling beta readings, my writing, and settling into my new job.

This year I've read 1562781 words. I've completed 23 beta readings. The two top genres I've worked on are romance and fantasy, but I've also worked on some mystery, woman's fiction and young adult.

Most of my work has come from returning clients, with my new clients have been referred to me by previous clients. That is the biggest compliment. It's proof that my current clients are happy with the service I offer.

In 2023, I hope to prioritise my own writing a bit more. I have a collection of short stories and poems ready for a final read-through before I hire some beta readers, a 2022 rewrite of an old novel that is marinating in a drawer so I can look at it with fresh eyes, and I'm researching and writing a new project. You can follow me for updates at my writer's website ( ).

I've started to use my Instagram to log what I've been reading, highlight book quotes that I love, share photos that tickled my imagination, and a new word I've learnt that week. My Instagram is a_m_vivian.

My blog Publish or Die Trying was updated monthly with posts talking about mental health, life and writing. I've shared short stories, poems, and extracts of my novels. I've been wondering whether to post more on there, but 2023 is already looking pretty jammed so maybe I'll wait until 2024. Although, I always like to have too much planned. It's as comforting as having too many books.

I hope you had a productive 2022 and may 2023 be even more productive.

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