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Client's new book out in the world

All Paul wanted was to see the world.

Pulling himself up by his bootstraps, young Mirielee rifter Paul Marek thought that service to the military would be his ticket to adventure. After being in the right place at the right time to save King Warren Miri from an assassin, Paul is given a two year posting in exchange for a promise of wealth and freedom.

His job: to protect the infant princess of Lirin, Elenor Lirion. How hard could that possibly be? As it turned out, far more difficult than Paul ever expected.

With the ominous head of the Cerulean's Guild sending killers, the Lirion family keeping secrets, and anti-magic propaganda spreading around court, danger abounds. Add to that a profit-driven lover, a cranky palace midwife, a dear friend, and a gaggle of young children, and Paul's two years at Court were nowhere near the easy job he had been promised.

It was only supposed to be temporary... but how can a doena walk away from their charge when her life could depend on him? It might not be the adventure he wanted, but it was the one he got.

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